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Meet Ron Winterton

For the past 4 years Ron Winterton has tirelessly served as your state senator. He is a hard worker and easily puts in 40+ hours each week on senate duties in addition to his full time job and other responsibilities. Ron understands local government, having served 10 years as county commissioner for Duchesne County. Those valuable years brought crucial experience needed to understand issues and bills and their effect on a local level. Over the last 14 years Utah leaders have come to respect his knowledge and experience. They value the ideas and solutions he presents to them. This allows him to be a great effective leader.


He is tough on budget issues and believes in tightening our belts and not raising taxes. He has worked to prevent government overreach and mandates. He supported bills that protect our basic rights and liberties. As your senator, he has been an avid defender of rural communities and has sponsored and supported legislation to protect and revitalize rural industries.

Ron Winterton has lived in rural Utah his entire life. When Deer Creek Reservoir was built on the property his grandparents occupied, they settled in the Uintah Basin, but many of the family are still in the Heber area. He has fond memories of herding cattle in the Strawberry Valley when he was young. He married his high school
sweetheart and they have been married for 42 years. They have five children and 17 grandchildren. He owned and operated a successful trucking company for 25 years and established many
wonderful friendships with the ranchers and farmers in the counties of district 20.


In 2008 Ron was concerned about things that were happening in the local government and ran for a seat on the Duchesne county commission. He served as county commissioner for 10 years running a tight, conservative ship. He still strives, as a senator, to serve our local leaders and help them accomplish their needs and goals

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